Electronic Sound

Collected features and reviews from the pages of Electronic Sound magazine…

Reviews (Issue 65)
Thoughts on work by Dalham, Plone and Drew Mulholland

Nikmis, Jawbone, Cat-Faced Bread and the Wendigo (Issue 65)
“Yeah, there’s a picture of cat-bread. Like bread, with a cat-face on it. I do use that, yeah…”

Reviews (Issue 64)
Thoughts on work by Nikmis, Andy Fosberry, Magic Sword, Maserati, The Heartwood Institute & Panamint Manse, Capac & Tom Harding and Rupert Lally

Buried Treasure: Dreamies by Bill Holt (Issue 63)
“There are two types of Beatles fan in the world. Those who, when committing their White Album vinyl to cassette, pressed pause to omit the jarring, unsettling sound collage of ‘Revolution 9’. And then…”

Reviews (Issue 63)
Thoughts on work by Rory Mohon, Hunter Complex, The Relations, Jon Brooks, Ali Wade, Roman Angelos

Kl(aüs), Castles In Space and Umlaut Etiquette (Issue 62)
“Together, Stewart Lawler and Jonathan Elliott are Kl(aüs)… and they have something important to say about umlauts…”

Buried Treasure: Electrosound by Ron Geesin (Issue 62)
“Anyone who grew up during this halcyon era will recognise the sound of ‘the future’… a future that consisted of bacofoil and bubblewrap…”

Reviews (Issue 62)
Thoughts on work by Keith Seatman, Revbjelde, VA (Par Avion), Kid Moxie, Mabe Fratti

The Home Current, Martin Jensen and the Candy Jungle (Issue 61)
“A rich tapestry of precocious 1980s clubland adventures, near-misses in the mainstream pop world, and some pretty hardcore birdwatching…”

Reviews (Issue 61)
Thoughts on work by The Soulless Party, Rupert Lally, Flexagon, The Home Current, Jangly Mark

no-man, Tim Bowness and Love You To Bits (Issue 60)
“Tim Bowness and Steven Wilson are back with the first no-man album since 2008, soundtracking a tale of tragic, fractured romance…”

Reviews (Issue 60)
Thoughts on work by VA (Scarred For Life), The Home Current, Neil Scrivin, Paul K, Repeated Viewing

Buried Treasure: Dark Circles by The Devils (Issue 59)
“Somewhere, out there in the infinite multiverse, is a parallel reality version of Duran Duran…”

Reviews (Issue 59)
Thoughts on work by Antoni Maiovvi’s Time Precinct, Hattie Cooke, VA (The Quietened Journey), Drew Mulholland

Reviews (Issue 58)
Thoughts on work by Pulselovers, Jan Borré, Heron & Crane, VA (Cold War On The Rocks), Fariña