Electronic Sound

Collected features and reviews from the pages of Electronic Sound magazine…

Keith Seatman, The Gnome Zone and Sad Old Tatty Bunting (Issue 87)
“He’s got robes and a big old beard, and every curtain in the street is going absolutely barmy…”

Reviews (Issue 87)
Thoughts on work by Modern Aviation (Look To Imber), Tony Price, The Night Monitor and Houseplants
Jesse Chandler, Pneumatic Tubes and Ghost Box Records (Issue 86)
“You want to feel, as an adult, the same way you did when you were a kid. But you never can…”

Reviews (Issue 86)
Thoughts on work by Hawksmoor, Roman Angelos, Kuma and Josephine Foster

Leah Kardos, Tony Visconti and Kingston University Stylophone Orchestra (Issue 85)
“I am an early Stylophone nerd! I went out and bought one immediately, and so did David…”

Reviews (Issue 85)
Thoughts on work by The British Stereo Collective, Library Of The Occult, Field Lines Cartographer, The Loved One, Mike Dickinson and Anticipating Nowhere

Reviews (Issue 84)
Thoughts on work by Kingston University Stylophone Orchestra, UNE, Polypores, Mordant Music, One Key Magic, Santa Sprees, Martyn Stonehouse and Near Stoic

Mark Radcliffe, Paul Langley, UNE and Spomenik (Issue 83)
“They’re like altars to some strange cult that’s died out… they had concrete stools placed around them where children were herded to hear lectures about how great the future was going to be”

Reviews (Issue 83)
Thoughts on work by Trunk Records, Isvisible Isinvisible, Stellarays, Ryan James Mawbey and Mimsy

Jonny Trunk, Trunk Records and ‘Do What You Love (Issue 82)
“I was doing a Rubik’s Cube the other night. And there was a weird moment when the blue and the orange segments came together…”

Reviews (Issue 82)
Thoughts on work by King Champion Sounds, Missionary Work, Luke Requena, The Home Current and Dechmont Woods

Janet Beat – Pioneering Knob Twiddler (Issue 81)
“I heard it crash through the roof, and I was told later in life it was an incendiary bomb, so we wouldn’t have survived. The heat generated just sears the lungs…”

Under The Influence: Lauren Mayberry (Issue 81)
“When she sang vibrato, I’d think ‘Even Whitney’s tongue is beautiful!’” 

Reviews (Issue 81)
Thoughts on work by Alice Hubble, A Year In The Country, Warrington Runcorn New Town Development Plan, Glen Fallows & Mark Treffel, Jane and Barton, Pharagonesia, Heron & Crane and Faithful Johannes

Paul Hartnoll, Murray Lachlan Young, Orbital and The Virus Diaries (Issue 80)
“I was in the less violent year, below Paul. Still a very violent year, but Paul was in an ultra-violent year…”

Reviews (Issue 80)
Thoughts on work by ToiToiToi, Ben Winter, Bredbeddle, Lore City, Clocolan and Synthetic Villains

Reviews (Issue 79)
Thoughts on work by The Go! Team, David Boulter, The Unseen, Polypores, Repeated Viewing, Quiet Clapping and VA (Front & Follow)

Hattie Cooke, Bliss Land and Logan’s Run (Issue 78)
“Either I’m going to be successful with a decent career, or I’m going to go back to being a drunken loon. At the moment, I’m sitting between those two places…”

Reviews (Issue 78)
Thoughts on work by Meurig Elis Huws, Dohnavur, Salvatore Mercatante, Hawksmoor, Moth Effect and Mabe Fratti

Gruff Rhys, Mount Paektu and Seeking New Gods (Issue 77)
“There should be massive Brutalist sculpture or something there. Fifty foot, and made of concrete…”

Reviews (Issue 77)
Thoughts on work by Hattie Cooke, Dream Division, Everyday Dust, Soiled, Simon Klee, Drew Mulholland

Martin Gore, Depeche Mode, and The Third Chimpanzee (Issue 76)
“Any time I’m up in the Toronto area, I can go and meet Pockets and his friends”. Martin Gore discusses his new solo EP… and Depeche Mode performing with chickens in 1982.

Under The Influence: Rusty Egan (Issue 76)
“People looked like they were in a film noir, but there’d be Jean-Michel Jarre playing in the background…”

Landmarks: ‘The Crunch’ by The RAH Band (Issue 76)
“I got a call saying it was Number Six in the charts, and that it was predicted to be Number One the following week. And I thought ‘Blimey, this is amazing – are you sure?’ But then…”

Reviews (Issue 76)
Thoughts on work by The Home Current, Camp Of Wolves, Concretism, Letters From Mouse, Ivan The Tolerable, Head Cleaner

Hannah Peel, Fir Wave, Brian Eno and Delia Derbyshire (Issue 75)
“Surely if anybody heard the inside of a tree bubbling, they’d say it sounded like a synthesizer…”

Reviews (Issue 75)
Thoughts on work by The Hardy Tree, Michael Tanner and Kerrie Robinson, Lo Five, Dogs Versus Shadows, VA (Undercurrents), Winged Ma’at, TEARS|OV, Personal Bandana, The Heartwood Institute and Hawksmoor, Pulselovers

Frances Castle, Clay Pipe Music, The Hardy Tree and Thalassing (Issue 74)
“Monday is yellow, Tuesday is turquoise, Wednesday is green, Thursday is orange and Friday is a kind of burnt ochre…”

Reviews (Issue 74)
Thoughts on work by Isvisible Isinvisible, Polypores, Warrington-Runcorn New Town Development Plan, Dogs Versus Shadows, Rupert Lally, Firefay, The Soulless Party and Quiet Clapping

Beautify Junkyards, João Branco Kyron and Ghost Box Records (Issue 73)
“The voice had a Portuguese accent. It was someone who was going with their father to the beach, but was afraid of the water. It was a really weird experience! We were in the room recording. There was no-one there…”

Under The Influence: Stephen James Buckley (Issue 73)
“I liked Gollum, and fungus is the Gollum of the plant world…”

Buried Treasure: Intolerance by Tik and Tok (Issue 73)
“Older brothers had punk rock, but we had Vince Clarke, Pac-Man and Richard Stilgoe presenting Finders Keepers…”

Reviews (Issue 73)
Thoughts on work by Hattie Cooke, Yves Malone, The Heartwood Institute, Apta, CUB\CUB, Torpa, 2p Soldiers

Reviews (Issue 72)
Thoughts on work by The Twelve Hour Foundation, Monochrome Echo, Heinrich Dressel, VA (Scarred For Life 2), Field Lines Cartographer and The Green Child

Reviews (Issue 71)
Thoughts on work by Concretism, Andy Fosberry, Dream Division, VA (The Burning Trestle), Polypores, Her Majesty’s Coroner For Wirral and The Home Current

Reviews (Issue 70)
Thoughts on work by Polypores, A Year In The Country, Floodlights, Tim Koh, Hawksmoor and Rupert Lally

Jim Jupp, Belbury Poly and Annie Hates Cordial (Issue 69)
“If I’d said the album was about ghosts, people would have said ‘OK, that’s interesting’…”

Reviews (Issue 69)
Thoughts on work by Correlations, David Boulter, Portland Vows, Gavino Morretti, VA (Woodford Halse – Undulating Waters 5), Saint Saviour and Andy Fosberry…

Castles In Space, Colin Morrison and the Loch Ness Monster (Issue 68)
 “My dad dug out an old tape from when I was about three years old. It was him saying ‘Testing, testing, 1-2-3… what do you want for Christmas?’ And I said ‘I want a record player!’”

Buried Treasure: The Peter Pan Effect by Robert Marlow (Issue 68)
“How did Robert Marlow not become famous, a staple of early 80s Top of the Pops and a regular customer of the Saturday Superstore?

Reviews (Issue 68)
Thoughts on work by Belbury Poly, Nevergrand, Bernard Grancher, VA (Woodford Halse) and Ben Winter

Reviews (Issue 67)
Thoughts on work by Polypores, Proto Droids and Second Language Music

Reviews (Issue 66)
Thoughts on work by Ghost Box Records, Textile Ranch, Patch Bae Records, Zyklus, Jon Brooks and Bobby Barry

Nikmis, Jawbone, Cat-Faced Bread and the Wendigo (Issue 65)
“Yeah, there’s a picture of cat-bread. Like bread, with a cat-face on it. I do use that, yeah…”

Reviews (Issue 65)
Thoughts on work by Dalham, Plone and Drew Mulholland

Reviews (Issue 64)
Thoughts on work by Nikmis, Andy Fosberry, Magic Sword, Maserati, The Heartwood Institute & Panamint Manse, Capac & Tom Harding and Rupert Lally

Buried Treasure: Dreamies by Bill Holt (Issue 63)
“There are two types of Beatles fan in the world. Those who, when committing their White Album vinyl to cassette, pressed pause to omit the jarring, unsettling sound collage of ‘Revolution 9’. And then…”

Reviews (Issue 63)
Thoughts on work by Rory Mohon, Hunter Complex, The Relations, Jon Brooks, Ali Wade, Roman Angelos

Kl(aüs), Castles In Space and Umlaut Etiquette (Issue 62)
“Together, Stewart Lawler and Jonathan Elliott are Kl(aüs)… and they have something important to say about umlauts…”

Buried Treasure: Electrosound by Ron Geesin (Issue 62)
“Anyone who grew up during this halcyon era will recognise the sound of ‘the future’… a future that consisted of bacofoil and bubblewrap…”

Reviews (Issue 62)
Thoughts on work by Keith Seatman, Revbjelde, VA (Par Avion), Kid Moxie, Mabe Fratti

The Home Current, Martin Jensen and the Candy Jungle (Issue 61)
“A rich tapestry of precocious 1980s clubland adventures, near-misses in the mainstream pop world, and some pretty hardcore birdwatching…”

Reviews (Issue 61)
Thoughts on work by The Soulless Party, Rupert Lally, Flexagon, The Home Current, Jangly Mark

no-man, Tim Bowness and Love You To Bits (Issue 60)
“Tim Bowness and Steven Wilson are back with the first no-man album since 2008, soundtracking a tale of tragic, fractured romance…”

Reviews (Issue 60)
Thoughts on work by VA (Scarred For Life), The Home Current, Neil Scrivin, Paul K, Repeated Viewing

Buried Treasure: Dark Circles by The Devils (Issue 59)
“Somewhere, out there in the infinite multiverse, is a parallel reality version of Duran Duran…”

Reviews (Issue 59)
Thoughts on work by Antoni Maiovvi’s Time Precinct, Hattie Cooke, VA (The Quietened Journey), Drew Mulholland

Reviews (Issue 58)
Thoughts on work by Pulselovers, Jan Borré, Heron & Crane, VA (Cold War On The Rocks), Fariña