Collected features from various books and publications…

Urban Wyrd: Devil’s Bridge – The Satanic Rites of Acklam
“All the kids in Acklam knew about the hoofprint on the underside of Devil’s Bridge…”

Sweet Fruits: Shapwick by Jon Brooks
“A passing car rumbles in the distance, then seems to falter – somehow gently rewinding backwards through time…”

Twisted Roots: The Seasons by Ronald Duncan and David Cain
“This was the school of cold parquet floors on icy February mrnings, mercilessly numbing tiny buttocks into frozen submission during morning prayers…”

Vworp Vworp: The Fandom Menace
“I was tagging behind in a world of my own. Probably Gallifrey or Mondas, but with an outside chance of being Zeta Minor…”