The Smell Of Water Part Three: Danby Rigg, North Yorkshire

As part of Local History Month, I was delighted to team up recently with Teesside folklorist and psychogeographer Gavin Parry to make a series of short films exploring aspects of North-Eastern folklore and social history. All under the umbrella of Gavin’s fascinating Smell of Water investigations.

The third of these films is now online, and sees Gavin and me visiting Danby Rigg and walking the ancient Old Wife’s Way footpath to a prehistoric standing stone – a stone discovered by the 19th century Canon John Atkinson to be a Bronze Age burial marker. Gavin recounts the ancient folklore of the Cailleach. The films were made by Andrew T. Smith, with an original soundtrack by Ivan The Tolerable.

Another two films will follow soon, and Gavin’s website is here:

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