Felt Trips

On rainy afternoons and reflective weekends alike, we immortalised our favourite film, TV and comic strip characters in felt trips, pencil and shaky ballpoint biro. And sometimes created our own, too! All Felt Trips contributions are gratefully received… just drop me a line using the “Contact” link above.

Star Wars by Bob Fischer
“Q: How many Han Solos does it take to change a lightbulb?”

Armageddon by Jim Cheff
“I talked our local head shop into offering some for sale, amidst the incense burners, bongs, and black light posters…”

Return Of The Fredi by James Harris
“Fred’s swansong was as the titular Judge in the pages of Big and Small’s 2000BC featuring Judge Fredd…” 

Flight Of The Pterodon by Phil Heeks
“I don’t recall the main prize. Maybe it was the opportunity NOT to see The Black Hole…”

Yogurt Pots of the Daleks by Chris Geeson
“Imagine if Davros had built his Daleks out of whatever junk he found lying around…”

Dr Rat and the Daleks by Alex Storer
“Where the Doctor was replaced by Roland Rat and the Daleks were green…”

Spafax In 2020 by Darren Giddings
Ship B7 From Betelgeuse Branch reporting!”

Trapped In Time by Will Salmon
“In Chapter 2, the ship goes into a time warp and suffers a fuel leak, forcing Julie to go outside with a bucket to fix it…”

Doctor Who by Stephen Brotherstone
“Yes, I copied Dave Gibbons’ work left, right and centre…”

The Objects by Chris Lambert
“I worked out that the best way to make it as a writer was to follow in the footsteps of Roger Hargreaves and write lovely little books for children…”

The Sad Story of the Christmas Tree by Andrew T. Smith
“I’m pretty sure I was channeling Ted from Postman Pat with that line…”

The Elf by Molly James
“I loved Mr Cowing, and in fact he looked a little bit like a hobbit himself…”

Naughty Morty and Super! by Mike Scott
“The Doggies and the Moggies – a strip about a dog pound and a cattery that were, naturally, situated next door to one another…”

Target Books by Bob Fischer
“I remember having distinct trouble with the creases on Davros’ rumpled tunic, and so delegated that job to my Dad, who gamely had a bash…”

Not Nice Things by Mark R Jones
“I could see the ‘wet crisps’ inside their mouths and it made me feel physically sick…”

Thunder Lion by Eamonn Murphy
“A few months into his course, Mick arrived home with a very crisp and very white lab coat…”

The Rats by Stephen James Buckley
“Our pottery teacher, ‘Potty’ Barrett, probably thought I was a serial killer in the making…”

Study In Red Biro by Marie Ferguson
“Far more than is good for me, I wonder about who drew it and what they might be doing now.  I am torn between prison and Parliament…”

The Natural History of C-3PO by Henry Rothwell
“When the film was finally released, I inveigled various relatives to take me to see it a dozen times, and I still didn’t think it too many…”

Jack The Ripper by Mark R Jones
“I added ‘To mummy and daddy’ next to a big love heart surrounded by kisses. The drawing itself? Someone being beheaded by a guillotine…”

To The Far Distant Horizon by Liz Taylorson
“More than anything in the world, I wanted to be an outlaw in Sherwood Forest…”

MASK by Paul Childs
“As I showed off my treasure, I heard a girl I really fancied laughing with her friends…”

Steve Spector by Will Pinfold
“I whiled away unfeasibly long and boring periods of maths or geography by trying to draw Iron Maiden’s mascot Eddie on my school jotters…”

Pussyana Jones by Will Pinfold
“A gold relic called ‘The Skull of Torrepani’, placed in a temple by the long-extinct ‘Honcho Poncho’ tribe…”

Horror Swamp by Paul Gorman
“Our felt-tip, biro and Tipp-Ex efforts were ‘in the tradition of’ Fighting Fantasy…”

Doctor Who Top Trumps by Christopher Naylor
“During lunch breaks at school I would play at being the Doctor or Harry Sullivan with my best friend Steven Packer…”

In the Holidays I Went Out Bush But When I Toasted My Braead It Caught On Fier by Adam Spellacy
“Anxiety and fear, a dreadful sense of being stranded in a vast and isolating landscape…”

Nature Project by Blue-John Benjamin
“Out on the playing field, a display was abandoned: writhing on its leash, the Alsatian concerned went, for whatever reason, berserk…”

The Silver Flame by Ben Graham
“I’d decided that the Irish sun god Lugh was the likeliest candidate for a Celtic superhero…”

C-3PO’s Exercise Book by Richard Littler
“I wrote my first book when I was six years old. Kind of…”

Daleks Are Great by Nick Setchfield
“The red polka dot starfield possibly represents an unspoken fear of measles…”

The Glade of the Willowmen by Bob Fischer
“I distinctly remember sitting in my bedroom one autumnal evening, filled with a sensation that there was ‘magic in the air’…”